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Makers Month at the Forum 2018

We had a wonderful 4 days at the Forum when we asked visitors to participate in making a piece of textile in the style of Lorina Bulwer.
This project was suggested by Kirsty Aylen who was there every day to help 

Many thanks to all who contributed 


Costume Detectives looking for clues at the recent C&TA event




Why not take a look at The British Association of Friends Museums
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Leave a Legacy

Would you like to leave a legacy to C&TA, so you can continue helping to support the Norfolk Museum Service? There are two types of bequests you may like to consider detailed oposite, with suggested sample wording.



Please remember to use the full name and the correct registered address and charity number:
Costume and Textile Association for Norwich Museums (C&TA)
Registered Charity No. 1000730,
c/o Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ.
Thank you kindly if you decide you would like to do this.

We are very pleased to offer members the chance to purchase a ‘Life Membership’ of C&TA, rather than renew every year. The cost of this will be £250 for a single membership and £350 for joint membership.
Members who take up this option will receive a yearly membership card by post as before.

Pecuniary bequest

(a fixed sum of money);
Sample wording for a pecuniary bequest;
I give free of tax to the Costume and Textile Association for Norwich Museums (C&TA) Registered Charity No. 1000730, c/o Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ, the sum of £ (figures and words) to be used for its general charitable purposes, and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor.
These types of legacies can often be affected by inflation and their value can decrease e.g. £10,000 this year will probably not be worth the same in the future. However, you can choose to link pecuniary legacies to the Retail Price Index, in order to safeguard the sum of your gift. You should consult your solicitor and/or accountant for full details on index-linking.

Residuary bequest
(a proportion)
Sample wording for a residuary bequest
I give (%) of the residue of my real and personal estate which I can dispose of by Will in any manner I think proper to the Costume and Textile Association for Norwich Museums (C&TA) Registered Charity No. 1000730, c/o Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ. The receipt of the Trustees or the proper officer for the time being of C&TA, shall be a complete discharge to my Executors.
Suggested added wording for either bequest;
If at my death any charity named as a beneficiary in this Will or any Codicil hereto has changed its name, or amalgamated with, or transferred its assets to another body, then my Executors shall give effect to any gift made to such charity as if it had been made (in the first case), to the body in its changed name or (in the second place), to the body which results from such amalgamation or to which such transfer has been made.


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If you are looking for that elusive gift to give to those members of your family and friends who have everything?

Look no further than C&TA membership for a year!

Just think how much fun your friends can have coming to our many and varied events, reading our newsletters and using all the many benefits that come with membership:

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C&TA membership benefits
A full programme of varied events including trips to other exhibitions and collections

Noticeboard newsletter and Miscellany Journal

Special entry rates at C&TA events and workshops

Special entry rates for Norwich Museum events, talks and workshops

The opportunity to participate in exhibitions of new, original textile work

Free introductory tour of The Study Centre

Free entry to all Norwich Museums including the Castle, Strangers Hall and
The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

10% discount on admission to all county museums in the Norfolk Museum Group

10% discount off all purchases in Norfolk Museum shops

10% discount at the cafes in Norwich Castle, Time and Tide Museum in
Great Yarmouth and Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse.

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