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Geoffrey retired to Norfolk after a long and varied career in London as a designer,educator, historian, author and  scholar.  Theatre design, and the history of fine and applied arts especially textiles and costumes, were his passions, and he was one of the founder members of the Costume Society and an early

In Norwich he met fellow textile and costume historians Pamela Clabburn and Helen Hoyte, both of whom very involved with the Costume and Textile Study Centre (CTSC) and with C&TA.  Geoffrey became a valued volunteer at CTSC and a regular and popular lecturer there.  He also contributed a series of lively and erudite articles for the C&TA Newsletter (the fore-runner of Miscellany).  His writing was both informed and perceptive, and his book Dress, Art and Society (Studio Vista, 1971), now out of print, remains to this day on the V&A reading list. 
A review of his unpublished manuscript Masculine Habits, 1850-1970 appears in the 2015 issue of Miscellany.

Following his death in 2011, the C&TA received an astonishingly generous legacy. In 2014, C&TA used 3,000 of our legacy to underwrite the very successful Geoffrey Squire Memorial Competition exhibition 'Silvery Threads' and a biennial bursary in his name is being launched in 2017 to support and encourage research and study in the fields of costume and textiles. Further details below.

Geoffrey Squire lies at rest in a quiet Norfolk churchyard. We will continue to honour with gratitude the memory  this remarkable and generous benefactor.

Geoffrey Squire Memorial Bursary
Thanks to a generous legacy from the estate of the late Geoffrey Squire C&TA intends to award a bursary in his memory. In keeping with his career and lifelong interests, the bursary will be awarded to support research work and study in the field of textiles or costume.


  The award shall be called the Geoffrey Squire Memorial Bursary.


:  Applicants should be members of the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums, and resident in the United Kingdom. (For details of membership, visit the C&TA website

Frequency of award:

  A bursary may be offered biennially.

Value of Bursary:

  A sum of not more than 2000 will be awarded. This may be in the form of a single award of 2000 or two smaller awards.


: The bursary will be awarded to support research and study of any topic related to costumes and textiles. The bursary may be used to offset costs of travel, purchase of materials, books and stationery, museum and library fees, conference fees, publication costs.


These can be made online or by post to C&TA Bursary,
c/o Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ
 Applicants should submit:
 Personal details (Name, Address, Telephone numbers, E-mail address)
 A brief description of the proposed project in not more than 500 words and supported with relevant images if desired.
 A brief statement as to the intended outcome(s) and benefit of their research
or study; for instance, increasing the understanding of a particular branch of costume or textiles history or practice.
 An outline budget indicating how the bursary would be used.

Criteria for the Awards
: The Selection Panel will judge each application on the:
 Significance of the research or study and the extent to which it will contribute to our understanding of costume or textiles history or practice
 Plans by the applicant to disseminate the findings
 Feasibility of completing it within a reasonable timeframe
 Extent to which the bursary will make a substantial contribution to the research being undertaken
Members interested in applying are welcome to discuss their plans informally and in confidence. This can be done, preferably through email in the first instance, by contacting Vanessa Trevelyan ( or
Jenny Daniels ( or by post to C&TA, c/o Shirehall,
Market Avenue, Norwich NR1 3JQ

Selection and Award:

  Proposals will be reviewed by a panel of 3 independent specialists who will make recommendations on the award to the Committee of the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums.
Candidates may be invited for interview to determine final selection.
The Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums reserves the right not to award the bursary in any given year.


  Once the work is completed, recipients of the award(s) will be asked to report in any of the following ways:
- A written report to the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums, preferably as a contribution to its newsletter Noticeboard or its journal Miscellany.
- A talk to the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums.
- Exhibition of work supported by the bursary.
- Publication in a book, journal or conference report.

In cases where the project extends for more than two years, the committee may ask for a brief interim progress report.

Payment of Award;

The award will be paid in installments.  Receipts should be provided for major items of expenditure.

Deadline and timetable; 

Applications must be submitted by 31st May 2017. For more information, please see the website of the Costume and Textile Association for Norfolk Museums and the C&TA newsletter Noticeboard.

Awards will be made by the end of June 2017. 















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